Need To Know

To better prepare you for your trip to Royal Chundu on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls, we’ve compiled a list of need-to-know information and advice, from the administrative issues of money and paperwork to the important qualms of what to pack for a more convenient stay. Consult the list below before heading out on your African holiday.

The Zambian currency is the Kwacha


Zambia’s local currency is the Kwacha (ZKW). The US Dollar (USD) and the SA Rand (ZAR) are widely accepted in the country and for your convenience, we at Royal Chundu also accept MasterCard, Visa Credit Cards and Traveller’s Cheques. Always travel with some smaller value notes for ease of transaction.



South African residents and SADEC passport holders do not need a visa, but require a valid passport to enter Zambia. All non-SADEC passport holders require a visa to enter Zambia. Visas can be purchased upon arrival at Livingstone at US$ 50 per visa. It is however recommended that a dual-entry visa is purchased at a cost of US$ 80 to allow one to either enter Zimbabwe or Botswana for some of the activities. Certain countries are NOT permitted to obtain visas at the port of entry and must therefore apply in advance to a Zambian Mission or directly to the Chief Immigration Officer at Immigration headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia.

What to Pack

The dress code for dinner is smart casual. It’s a good idea to pack a light jacket in summer and a thick jacket in winter. A waterproof light windsheeter is recommended when visiting the Victoria Falls during high water months. Sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended all year round. Binoculars and cameras for birding and game viewing are an added bonus.

Malaria Prevention

Malaria & Yellow Fever Prevention

Zambia is a malaria area. It is advised that you use malaria prophylaxis and consult your doctor or pharmacist regarding recommended brands. Insect repellant is provided in the Royal Chundu suites and public areas and all suites are furnished with mosquito nets. Herbal malaria prophylaxis, Demal 200, is a safe malaria treatment for children. To acquire it, contact, (UK) +44 7747 856 468 or (SA) +27 82 535 9842. Guests must obtain a yellow fever inoculation before departing their own country.


Located in the north of Southern Africa, the Victoria Falls has very mild winters. Winter (May to September/October) features days that are generally dry and sunny – around 20°C, with the temperature dropping at night to as cold as 5ºC. Summer (October to April) gets quite hot – up to around 30°C, while night temperatures drop to around 14°C. It’s swimming pool and tanning weather. Expect short, sharp afternoon thunderstorms as rain clouds gather throughout the day, creating excellent sunsets. Rainy season is from November to March.

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