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Royal Chundu is located on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River on the Zambian side, about a half hour drive, some 30 kms, upstream from the magnificent Victoria Falls. In this secluded setting witness the convergence of Zimbabwe and Zambia. What makes Royal Chundu even more special is its setting between Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls, two spectacular landmarks that you can easily access from the lodge on a day tour.

The lodge is a short drive from Livingstone, yet hidden from civilization and the trappings of the modern world. Set on a 15km stretch of private waterway, protected by two sets of rapids, the only boats you might see belong to the lodge or local mokoro fishermen. Royal Chundu is the place where the spirit of Africa can be experienced and savoured.

Come Rain or Shine

Royal Chundu is an ideal tourist destination all year round. October is one of the hottest months when the river is at its lowest ebb. The river is usually at its fullest in May. In June see shooting stars through the magnificent African night sky. In July and August you might be lucky enough to see the Parrot Fish Run – an incredible natural spectacle.

At 3,540 kms long, the Zambezi River is the fourth-longest river in Africa and largest that flows into the Indian Ocean from Africa. It starts in Zambia; moves through eastern Angola, along the eastern border of Namibia and the northern border of Botswana; along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe to Mozambique, where it finds its way into the Indian Ocean.

The Zambezi is at its fullest between February and July, and peaks between March and April. The rise in water level creates a magnificent spray from the Falls, with superior rainbows worth an ogle. At the Zambezi’s lowest, between August and January and between November and early December, there is little spray, but a better view of the Falls’ full geological form.

Royal Chundu's Surrounds

Microlighting over the Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

The Zambezi River

The Royal Chundu Surrounds

The Life Around Us

The water provides a vital life source to the abundant wildlife in the area and is in stark contrast to the parched savannah interior. The river supports large populations of animals. Hippopotamuses and crocodiles can be found all along the calm stretches of the river. Monitor lizards are also common and the variety of bird life is spectacular, with species such as heron, pelican, egret and the African fish eagle in abundance. The banks of the Zambezi also support many large animals including buffalo, zebra, giraffe and elephant.

The Zambezi is renowned as one of the top fishing destinations in Africa, with several hundred species of fish present. Common species include cichlids, catfish, tigerfish and yellowfish. Nature walks are one of the best ways to get to know our spectacular natural surroundings.

For guests looking to go in search of the African cats and big game, a day trip to Botswana’s Chobe National Park is a must.

Photographs from the Royal Chundu Area

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